About Us

I am the man with the masterplan... At least that's what i think it is. 

In the beginning of 2020, i started to work for myself after having 2 webshops that were more of my expanded hobby than a job. This all changed the 1st of Januari. 
My other webshops:

are running full steam and i can't really complain about them whatsoever, so that's good, but they were missing something. like the little pinch of salt or pepper to make one's meal the best there is. 
Welcome to www.modelbricks.eu, my very personal pinch of salt in an already great dish called Maikel's Life and job. 
This site will grow as the community grows aswell. Whenever there is need for another brick set that's isn't on the site but the brand is, let us know. we will do our best to add it to the store as soon as we can!

So who is Maikel Tegelaers actually?!
I'm a fulltime idiot, married to the best wife one could find in life and 2 wonderful (and insanely active) kids, Noa (girl) and Nick (boy).
We live in the Eindhoven area in the Netherlands, where we also run the business fromoff 2012 already. 

We are a webshop based company (Localhopupshop) with the needed contact details below, that has instore pickup on appointment. 

Mother company as registered: Localhopupshop.nl 
working shops: www.ccgwinkel.nl www.rpgwinkel.nl www.modelbricks.eu
chamber of commerce number: 54209749
Tax number : NL001696970B90
Contact email: maikel@localhopupshop.nl
Telephone : +31630000268